"Food Safety and Quality at the AN Grup”

Ever since its inception AN Grup has given priority to the quality of its products and services, which is why it features a department exclusively dedicated to implementing all the requirements necessary to guarantee proper functioning with reference to Food Safety and Quality and meet the needs of our customers.

The most important aspect for us is the selection of raw materials where quality and freshness come first, and the artisanal preparation of the recipes that make our dishes genuine, fresh and of high quality. 

At the AN Grup we strictly guarantee food safety by complying with all current and applicable rules and regulations, in addition to other certifiable internal procedures.

We invest resources in the implementation of a plan for product analysis and control, on the training of our workers involved in the food chain, oversight of our suppliers, and the running of internal audits, from raw materials until dishes reach the table, always with the aim of ensuring their perfection.

Since 2012 we have had restaurants featuring exclusive menus for celiacs (Mussol, Daps, Attic, Otto Sylt and Maximilian). Currently we also work with food intolerances. 

AN Grup's entire staff makes continuous improvements to our processes and services, and we have tools to measure our customers' degree of satisfaction and better gauge how to respond to their needs.